Phantasm 4K restoration

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Dec 13, 2015.

By Dave on Dec 13, 2015 at 3:08 PM
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    Aint It Cool News is reporting that Phantasm is currently undergoing a 4K restoration and that JJ Abrams' company, Bad Robot, is involved. Apparently part of the reason for Phantasm V Ravager's delay is Coscarelli being heavily involved with the restoration. Follow the link for the complete article and two screen shots from the restored print.
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With this news, are you okay waiting on Ravager?

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Dec 13, 2015.

    1. Dave
      I voted Yes because a 4K restoration of the original that is Coscarelli supervised trumps all, in my opinion. I would point out that Ravager has another director and I'm left scratching my head on the news. I would think Coscarelli would be mostly free from his Ravager responsibilities, besides finding distribution and things like that. Perhaps Ravager is ready and the holdup is distribution and what not. Or perhaps he will have better luck with distribution if a restored print of the original is ready to go for a bluray release or what not. Who knows.
    2. Angelman
      Oh yeah, restored print trumps all.
    3. maybrick
      I suppose I have to be since I would prefer that Ravager not be rushed out and given proper treatment. But honestly I could've waited on the restoration. I'm more concerned about Scrimm not living to see Ravager's release.
    4. Dave
      I could wait too, but I would think a bluray release of the original would help Ravager's distribution potential, wouldn't you? I'm sure there is lots going on behind-the-scenes that we are not privy to.
    5. maybrick
      It makes sense if they're planning upon a complete box set the same day Ravager hits store shelves, which I would most assuredly buy day 1 no questions asked.
    6. shape22
      I have very low expectations for Ravager. But I'm thrilled to hear we're finally going to get a definitive home video release of Phantasm. At this point it's definitely near the top of the list of genre flicks that need a good HD release.
    7. Zombie Dude
      Zombie Dude
      Terrific news. Hopefully they are doing a complete box set! Never would have expected the original to get 4k treatment so I couldn't be happier with this news.
    8. Nailwraps
      Yeah, I can wait if it means a new transfer for Phantasm. Happy day indeed. :D

      I still call that Scream Factory releases a box set.
    9. Zombie Dude
      Zombie Dude
      Either that or JJ Abram's helped buy the rights back for part 2 seeing as he seems to be a big fan of the films. No idea how much that sort of deal would cost though so maybe that isn't very likely at all.
    10. Dave
      They have released both Universal and MGM titles, which I believe covers the entire series. I think IV reverted back to Don but I'm not sure on that.
    11. zbinks
    12. maybrick
      I don't know. I've seen Phantasm in practically every format that it has been released in and it has never really looked "bad" except maybe in old 80s TV prints (and definitely not the last DVD release) so lets just say that I'm a bit skeptical that it'll be a huge revelation. And if it is, then I'm concerned that it may reveal too much. The last thing I want to see is the marble walls of the mausoleum to look like contact paper.
    13. Nailwraps
      Technically, Don/Starway International owns all rights to I, III, IV, and V (in addition of owning international rights to II) while Universal owns US rights to II.
    14. Dave
      Some more details here:

    15. maybrick
      Hopefully it'll look better than the new Star Trek film.
    16. zbinks
    17. zbinks

      After All the speculation, I doubt anybody figured Well Go USA Entertainment would be the company to distribute these films.
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    18. Nailwraps
      Emphasis on "anybody"! :p

      But how great is this!?!?!? :D
    19. Angelman
      I had a strong feeling it would be Well Go USA.
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