Hausu 1977 (aka "House") .. Quite possibly the most f'ed up film I've EVER seen.

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    Hausu has a special place in my heart as it was the first film I played at my 1st Annual Halloween Movie Night introducing it to all my friends. The one-two punch with Frankenhooker that night has set the bar extraordinarily high and one I have to constantly strive toward year after year now for 8 years. This is actually a bad year for my Movie Night directors as Stuart Gordon who I've screened just past and Coffin Joe passed having always been a contender year after year to be shown. I've screened two Frank Henenlotter films so he better keep an eye out for that bus with his name on it!

    So I'll be saving Hausu for October but sadly the rest of his oeuvre is sorely lacking on home video.

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