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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned in another thread but Grindhouse Video is going out of business it seems for a short time. This is the email I received this morning.

    Some of you may have already heard the news. For those that haven't. Grindhouse Video will be closing at the end of the year.

    There is currently a clearance section on the site. This section includes titles that will not be reordered plus some titles that I just have too many in stock. There are just under 3000 titles in the sale. This is basically the Going Out Of Business Sale part of the site.

    I will be adding some additional used titles as I can but in a few months the used section will be taken down for good. So get what you want now. They might not be there long.

    The physical store will not be reopening at all except for the last few weeks to clear out of some remaining product. The website will be taken down some time in December.

    Now, Grindhouse Video will be coming to an end but not entirely. I will be relocating to Knoxville, TN early 2022 and opening a new store with a new name. The new store will be bigger and better than what I have created in Tampa.

    To keep up with all the news you can keep an eye on the social media pages plus the weekly YouTube live updates.

    This may seem like bad news to a lot of people but I am extremely excited for the future.

    Thank you for all your support over the years. You all made Grindhouse Video what it is today. The next phase will be even better. I hope all of you will join me in that next step in 2022.

    Grindhouse Video

    706 W MLK Blvd
    Tampa FL 33603
    United States

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