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View Poll Results: How do you feel about the zoomed in image on the new FRIDAY THE 13TH discs?
Unacceptable. I will not be buying until it is fixed. 82 51.25%
Unfortunate, but I can't hold off buying any longer. 32 20.00%
I don't really care either way. 15 9.38%
It's noticable, but not that significant. 24 15.00%
I can't even tell the difference. 7 4.38%
Voters: 160. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02-03-2009, 07:04 PM   #1
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Does the Zooming on the new FRIDAY THE 13TH disc bother you?

The new FRIDAY THE 13TH Blu-ray and DVD discs have an image that has been zoomed in and re-framed 10.6% compared to the original theatrical ratio (and the ratio presented on previous discs). How you feel about this? Too small to matter, or too big to ignore?
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Old 02-03-2009, 07:33 PM   #2
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why did they do this?
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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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Old 02-03-2009, 07:43 PM   #3
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Helchteren, Belgium
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i don't really care, since i don't be getting this

already have the R2 release, which is fine enough for me

i'm really more anxious to see F13 2-8 UNCUT!
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Old 02-03-2009, 07:46 PM   #4
The Chaostar
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Makes it look like A Woman Under The Influence.
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Old 02-03-2009, 08:01 PM   #5
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Enough to keep my R2 DVD? Yes.

Enough to make the Blu-ray not the go-to version to watch? No.
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Old 02-03-2009, 08:19 PM   #6
Myron Breck
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I don't care. I'm not buying either new release, as I still have my R1 and R2.
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Old 02-03-2009, 08:33 PM   #7
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No money from me.
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Old 02-03-2009, 08:40 PM   #8
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I don't really care for the film, so it's not an issue with me...I love the second one though, so I hope they rectify this and it doesn't happen again when they get around to releasing part 2 on BR.

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Old 02-03-2009, 09:04 PM   #9
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Eh. I won't be buying it anyway. Part 2 and 3 are the ones to uncut.
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Old 02-03-2009, 09:10 PM   #10
BrokeNads's Avatar
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I have boxset from before so I hold on from this. Is times like this to see and bring this news to us that is see how is a valuable website is this. Thank you for news like this and to inform horror fans. Is good to see this and to now what you are to buy and not instead to get home and put in dvd and see a big mistake like this and then is to late because the money is spend!
Thanks for keep on top of this infromations for us.

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Old 02-03-2009, 09:12 PM   #11
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Fuck yeah it bothers me. So glad I didn't preorder this. Original Friday doesn't get a lot of repeating viewings and I stuck to my 'If I don't watch it more than once a year, I aint buying it!' rule. I break the rule for some movies, but considering I have the Friday box set and the Friday R2 uncut DVD, I definitely aint breaking it for this.

I love seeing the reaction / discussion this is getting around the net. Nice job, Rhett! I'm a bit surprised no other reviewers really caught it, but I have to admit I might have missed it too if I didn't go the mega comparison like you did.





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Old 02-03-2009, 09:20 PM   #12
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That sucks, I'm sure you don't miss anything significant but if I was a fan of these movies and had been looking forward to this right about now would be when I stop looking forward to this.
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Old 02-03-2009, 10:10 PM   #13
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i don't care i have the original dvd release as well as the box set
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Old 02-03-2009, 10:11 PM   #14
Posts: n/a

Yes it does suck and I am not going to buy it because of this. Just curious though, would you have noticed it hadnt you been comparing the different versions of the film? And if you noticed it before that, what scene did it jump out at you?
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Old 02-03-2009, 11:01 PM   #15
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no way would I buy this. I have the older dvd release and I don't see any reason to upgrade to a defective release.
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